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The Morrisville Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the Morrisville Business Community

Expected attendance for this event is 300. Learn more about the 33rd Annual Meeting, to be held on April 17, 2024, here.

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Highlights of the event:

  • Signature event drawing more than 300 members, elected officials, and guests.
  • Keynote speaker
  • Review of the previous year’s accomplishments and a look at the year ahead
  • Installation of the new chair of the Board of Directors
  • 2023 Award presentations for Small Business of the Year, Community Steward of the Year, Non-Profit of the Year, and Ambassador of the Year


The following awards are presented:

  • James M. Pugh Small Business of the Year celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and legacy of James Pugh, a prosperous merchant and prominent figure in Morrisville during the late 1800s. This prestigious award recognizes the outstanding achievements of small business owners who navigate the challenges, shoulder responsibilities, and reap the rewards inherent in entrepreneurship. Small businesses form the vital fabric of our community, and through this accolade, we proudly honor and spotlight a distinguished small business member, perpetuating the enduring legacy of James M. Pugh in our vibrant business community. To apply or nominate a business for the 2023 year, please click here: James M. Pugh Small Business of the Year
  • The Jeremiah Morris Community Steward of the Year Award pays homage to the visionary legacy of Jeremiah Morris, the namesake of Morrisville, whose pivotal contribution of property for the railway in the mid-1800s catalyzed the economic genesis of the town. Embodying the same spirit of benevolence and foresight demonstrated by Mr. Morris, the Morrisville Chamber bestows this esteemed award annually upon a deserving individual or company who exemplifies outstanding community stewardship. This accolade not only honors the historical significance of Jeremiah Morris but also celebrates the contemporary commitment of dedication to the betterment and flourishing of our community.To apply or nominate an individual or business for the 2023 year, please click here: Jeremiah Morris Community Steward of the Year
  • Non-Profit of the Year stands as a testament to the exceptional leadership exhibited by a distinguished non-profit organization, recognized for its profound impact and meaningful progress within the community. This coveted accolade is reserved for a 501(c)-classified organization that tirelessly advocates for positive change in the Morrisville Community, significantly enhancing the way of life for its residents through a dedicated mission and cause. The recipients of this prestigious award consistently go above and beyond the call of duty, exemplifying a commitment to excellence and an unwavering dedication to creating a positive and lasting impact on the community they serve. To apply or nominate an organization for the 2023 year, please click here: Non-Profit of the Year
  • Ambassador of the Year
    Our Chamber ambassadors work tirelessly to help propel local business and expand the Chamber's relevancy in the marketplace. Our success is due, in large part, to our dedicated ambassadors and we are proud to recognize them for their commitment to the Chamber and to the local business community.


Who should attend this event:

  • Anyone interested in celebrating the accomplishments of the Chamber and learning about plans for the year ahead
  • Those looking for high-level networking with some of the area’s top c-suite employees.
  • Those interested in networking with reputable small business owners


Visit our calendar of events to learn more.


Previous Award Winners

James M. Pugh Small Business of the Year

  • 2023 - Rush Hour Karting
  • 2022 - Sports & Properties, Inc.
  • 2021 - SAM IT Solutions
  • 2020 - FiveStar Awards & Engraving
  • 2019 - Athletic Lab
  • 2018 - Southport Graphics
  • 2017 - Alpaca Peruvian Charcoal Chicken
  • 2016 - Shiloh Animal Hospital
  • 2015 - United Drug Supply, Inc.
  • 2014 - Carolina Office Xchange
                Tower Indian Restaurant
  • 2013 - Alpha Marketing

Jeremiah Morris Community Steward of the Year

  • 2023 - Martha Paige, for her service to the Town of Morrisville
  • 2022 - NCIAP, People's Medical Care
  • 2021 - Dorcas Ministries
  • 2020 - Pinnacle Financial Partners
  • 2019 - Credit Suisse
  • 2018 - CrossTimbers Apartments
  • 2017 - CEI: The Digital Office
  • 2016 - Fidelity Bank
  • 2015 - Coastal Credit Union
  • 2014 - Triangle Rock Club
  • 2013 - Lenovo

Non-Profit of the Year

  • 2023 - Goodwill Industries of Eastern Carolina
  • 2022 - Bleeding Disorders of North Carolina
  • 2021 - The Blood Connection

Ambassador of the Year

  • 2023 - Amy Hoke, Fidelity Bank
  • 2022 -Jennifer Murphy, Pinnacle Financial Partners
  • 2021 - Mary Jane Royals, Fidelity Bank
  • 2020 - Amy Hoke, Fidelity Bank
  • 2019 - Mark Clark, CEI: The Digital Office
  • 2018 - Mark Clark, CEI: The Digital Office
  • 2017 - Mark Clark, CEI: The Digital Office
  • 2016 - Lindsey Chester, CaryCitizen
  • 2015 - Lindsey Chester, CaryCitizen
  • 2014 - Mike Windley, Bridge Community Church
  • 2013 - Mike Windley, Bridge Community Church
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