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Interested in becoming more involved in the Chamber?

Are you particularly passionate about community involvement? Do you want to lend your expertise to elevate the organization? If so, you might consider joining a committee, task force or council. With varying responsibilities, time commitments and missions, there is an opportunity that is a perfect fit for you and will be sure to align with your goals.

Morrisville Chamber of Commerce committees, task forces, and councils serve as operating systems of the Chamber, representing member opinion in decision making. The various opportunities the Chamber has to offer are described below.

Ready to get started? Complete the volunteer application here and a member of our staff will be in touch to discuss your interest.

Questions or want to learn more? Contact Bri Hensley

General Committee and Task Force Guidelines

  • One representative per company may serve on each committee.
  • Committee members must be employed by an active member of the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce in good standing.  Non-members are not permitted to serve on any committees.
  • Terms for committee members are typically (2) years, in an effort to allow for a variety of engagement from our member firms.
  • Sponsoring companies will always be permitted to have representatives on the committee and do not have to adhere to the two (2) year term. Sponsor companies have the authority to appoint the representative of their choice.
  • A Task Force is a particular group established to work on a single defined task or activity. Task forces are typically formed on an as-needed basis and dissolved as soon as the particular task is completed.
  • Subcommittees may be utilized and are defined as follows:
    • A subcommittee is a subdivision of the larger committee that considers specified matters and reports back to the full committee. Subcommittees are responsible to and work within the guidelines established by their parent committees.
    • Although members, where applicable, are required to be a part of a subcommittee, not all subcommittee members must attend parent committee meetings.
    • The subcommittee chair is responsible for reporting back to the group and attending parent committee meetings.
    • Subcommittees are great opportunities for those that want to be involved but cannot commit to attending regular meetings.


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