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Morrisville’s political and regulatory environment can sometimes be complex.

Get involved with the Chamber to understand the issues and learn about the policies impacting your business. Click here to view upcoming Government Affairs events.



The Morrisville Chamber is the only resource for non-partisan information on Town elections. While we do support issues and help to advance legislation that is pro-business, it is important to our Board of Directors that our organization remains non-partisan. Please remember, we DO NOT allow campaigning at Morrisville Chamber or Morrisville Innovation Foundation functions, programs or events. We certainly welcome candidates to attend our events and programs but respectfully require that you do not actively campaign while in attendance. What does this mean? You are welcome to network with attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. You are not allowed to bring, put out or casually distribute any campaign collateral. If you or anyone from your election campaign is caught actively campaigning at a Chamber/Foundation function, you, unfortunately, will be asked to leave.

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