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The Morrisville Chamber’s Policy Agenda addresses issues that impact the business community.

Identifying and focusing on these issues and opportunities increases our visibility and credibility with elected officials and local community stakeholders.


Key Efforts:

  • Inform our elected officials on the needs of the business community
  • Act as a convener and encourage new ways of thinking
  • Encourage and facilitate opportunities for businesses to play an active part in local government
  • Position the Chamber as thought leaders through strong partnerships and working relationships with our area leaders and lawmakers
  • Encourage economic prosperity for our community and beyond

2019 Legislative Agenda

The Morrisville Chamber of Commerce advocates for businesses primarily at the local level and, as needed, at the county and state level. The Morrisville Chamber’s legislative agenda supports a competitive economic climate while promoting growth and job creation. The Chamber uses three guiding principles when considering taking positions on issues.

Principle 1

Maintain and grow opportunities for Morrisville businesses

  • Support and enhance the performance-based economic development incentive portfolio
  • Increase the formation of and support entrepreneurial businesses in our community
  • Support reforms promoting regulatory efficiency, consistency and economic growth
  • Support tax reforms that promote economic growth and development
  • Protect North Carolina’s Right-to-Work status for public and private employees
  • Support the economic advocacy and workforce development efforts of Wake County Economic Development
  • We maintain a commitment to diversity and inclusion throughout the regional business community and in all aspects of talent and workforce development

Principle 2

Improve the regulatory environment and business climate

  • Support policies and projects that make it easier to build, redevelop, and/or conduct business by streamlining and simplifying ordinances and requirements
  • Decrease the property tax burden on Morrisville property owners
  • Increase the exportation of Morrisville/Wake County products and services

Principle 3

Manage growth and support infrastructure improvements to improve the marketability of the area

  • Support annexation and extraterritorial jurisdiction laws that promote rational municipal growth and balance the interests of residential and business property areas
  • Support the Jordan Lake Rules and the Town of Cary’s request for an increase in interbasin transfers which addresses water supply in Cary, Morrisville, Apex and the Wake County portion of RTP
  • Support the study of new ways to generate funding for needed infrastructure investments
  • Restore the historic preservation tax credit
  • Support public and private investment in our area sports leagues, cultural amenities, and the arts to strengthen our vibrant community
  • Support community-driven strategic planning for our community’s parks, greenways, and open space networks
  • Support the advocacy and leadership of the Regional Transportation Alliance business coalition to advance freeways, major streets, Bus Rapid Transit, freight and commuter rail service, intercity higher-speed rail service, and the Raleigh-Durham International Airport
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