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sign the pledge to commit to your 2022 dei journey

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By making a pledge and signing this commitment to be aware of and do the work to achieve a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community, it increases the probability that you follow through. Additionally, the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce is committed to helping you be accountable throughout the year with quarterly check-ins and educational programming.

Once you sign the pledge, you will receive an email with your choice of digital badges showing that you/your company are an ally and working to continuously educate yourself in your DEI journey.

Company Pledge

As a representative of your organization, signing this pledge represents your organization's continued commitment to support your employees, staff, and community in efforts to create an inclusive and equitable workplace with diverse views and beliefs encouraged and discussed often.

Personal Pledge

As an individual, signing this pledge represents your personal desire for change – and showcases a commitment to take action now and educate yourself on what you do not know or understand.

How does this align with The Morrisville Chamber's
2022-2025 Strategic Plan?

Through the Morrisville Chamber’s 2022-2025 Strategic plan, The Morrisville Chamber of Commerce commits in return the following diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in alignment with each of the four strategic pillars.
1. Education and Workforce Development
We will continue to offer the Power of Inclusion series on a quarterly basis as an educational tool for the Morrisville, RTP and surrounding areas to engage in educational content to further support an individual’s or company’s educational efforts.
2. Business Retention, Attraction, and Expansion
We will continue to encourage a self-education and accountability process, through resources provided in program and online, to continue to diversify the business community in Morrisville, RTP, and surrounding areas. A diverse community makes it easier to attract top talent and top companies, in top industries such as biotechnology.
3. Small Business and Entrepreneurship
We will continue to provide resources on inclusivity and education in encouragement of diverse and equitable workspaces, that will yield long term success for startups and entrepreneurs, creating a healthy small business community in Morrisville, RTP, and surrounding areas. More diverse small businesses create greater employee retention and increased productivity through high levels of creativity and innovation, due to diverse perspectives and open discussions
4. Public Policy and Advocacy
We will continue to identify key issues facing our diverse community and advocate for policy change on a regional level focusing on education to create diverse perspectives and talent supply of diverse employees.
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